CBD oil has become increasingly popular over the past few years. You may have heard of the multiple benefits CBD oil has. Many studies have supported the idea that CBD can help reduce anxiety, chronic pain and much more, but can CBD oil help with tendonitis?

The short answer to whether or not CBD oil can benifit those with tendonitis is – most likely. CBD has shown promising pain reducing results in clinical trials (more on this later).

In this article we’ll take a deep dive into CBD, how it works and the benefits of CBD oil for tendonitis.

What Is Tendonitis?

Tendonitis is inflammation or irritation of a tendon cause by strain or overuse. Tendons are tissue that connects your muscles to your bones. You’ll find tendons all throughout your body.

There are small tendons in your fingers and larger tendons in your legs and arms. Your tendons are crucial for easy day to day movement of your body. Inflammation tendons cause pain when you move especially in your joints.

If you put too much stress on your joints you can begin to have inflammation. Even though inflammation may go away naturally, straining your tendons on a consistent basis can lead to the development of tendonitis.

There are many other names for tendonitis, some of the most common are: tennis elbow, jumper’s knee, pitcher’s shoulder and many others. All of those names are describing the same thing: tendonitis. Tendonitis doesn’t just happen to athletes. It can come from day to day activities such as cleaning or gardening if done frequently or incorrectly.

Where Does Tendonitis Develop?

Typically can develop in multiple places throughout the body. Some of the most common locations of tendonitis is in the elbow, hip, shoulder, knee, and the Achilles tendon.

Tendonitis varies in it’s severity and pain. It typically builds over time, starting off as a mild pain but transition into severe chronic pain. If tendonitis is ignored the tendon can even rupture (in extreme cases). Surgery would be required if the tendon ruptures.

Since tendonitis can become more severe if untreated it’s best to consult with a doctor. Proper treatment is crucial to avoid making the situation worse. It’s a good idea to speak to a doctor and get the situation checked before it gets worse.

Available Treatment for Tendonitis

There are multiple treatment options for those with tendonitis. The recommended treatment depends on the severity of your situation. In severe cases the only option for tendonitis may be surgery, but it’s best to do everything you can to avoid reaching this point. It’s best to treat tendonitis in it’s early stages before it gets to severe.

If you know what activity or sport is causing tendonitis it may be a good idea to take a break. Giving yourself some time to heal may help prevent tendonitis from developing and worsening.

Wear a Brace: You can often help avoid tendonitis by wearing a brace. A brace will prevent your tendons from stretching to extreme lengths.

Physical Therapy: Working with a physical therapist can be a great way to lower inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs: Ibuprofen or aspirin may help reduce inflammation and reduce pain

CBD Oil: CBD oil for tendonitis may be an effective option.

CBD Oil for Tendonitis

So now that we’ve covered what tendonitis actually is, let’s dive into whether or not CBD can help those with tendonitis. To really dive into the topic we first need to understand what CBD is and how it works.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a compound found in cannabis. CBD is extracted from industrial hemp.

CBD is one of roughly 113 cannabinoids found in hemp. Another more well known cannabinoid is THC, which is what get’s you high if you smoke marijuana. THC is very different from CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive so you will not feel “high” if you consume it.

How Does CBD Work?

The way CBD works with your body is by interacting with your natural endocannabinoid system. This system has many functions within your body. Some of the most important functions is that it regulates your mood, manages appetite, promotes sleep and much more.

When you take CBD it causes the endocannabinoid system to work more balanced. This can lead to a calm sensation that can have many positive benefits depending on your situation.

Is CBD Legal?

In 2018 the United States passed the farm bill legalizing the production of industrial hemp. This made many hemp products legal including CBD.

Keep in mind that only CBD products with less than 0.3% THC can be legally produced and sold through out the entire United States. Many states have their own regulations but that is the federal status of CBD.

So yes, CBD is legal at a national level as long as it contains less than 0.3% of THC.

Is CBD Safe?

CBD and other hemp products are now being recognized for their potentially therapeutic capabilities. In a critical review of CBD the WHO recognizes CBD as an effective treatment for epiliepsy. In the same report the WHO also considers CBD well tolerated “with a good safety profile”. They mention how “there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or health related problems associated with the use of CBD.”

Can CBD Help with Tendonitis?

Although our team did not find any studies online related to the use of CBD to alleviate tendonitis we did find many studies relating to CBD as a treatment for chronic pain, inflammation, and many other tendonitis related symptoms.

Here are a few of the top studies we found.

A recent study of the use of CBD for the treatment of chronic pain shows that CBD is a promising treatment for chronic pCBD Oil for Tendonitisain. Another study found that since CBD acts as an agonist for 5-TH1A receptors it could play a role in the treatment of pain.

CBD Can Help Lower Inflammation (According to The Following Study)

A recent study found that cannabidoil reduces inflammation and pain related behaviors of arthritis. In this study the topical application of CBD was used. The scientists measured the joint circumference to indicate the level of inflammation.

The study found that the topical application of CBD has therapeutic effects of pain relief with out side effects.